Biosane T218
Non flammable
cleaning solvents
Ternary azeotropes




The BIOSANE T 218 are perfect substitutes for HCFC 141 B for cleaning and degreasing operations on sensitive materials. Use of HCFC 141 B was banned on December 31 2008 (article 5 of EC regulations N° 2037/2000 of June 29 2000 on substances that deplete the ozone layer) and this has led users to seek out new solutions. A number of mixes have appeared on the market :
365 MFC, 365 MFC-trans-dichloroethylene, 365 HX, HFE.
These mixes are not always capable of achieving expected results in terms of performance and they have many shortcomings in terms of safety or toxicity.


The BIOSANE T 218 have ODP (Ozone Depleting Potential) of 0.00. These non-flammable solvents for washing, cleaning, degreasing, and decontamination départiculage improve workplace safety.


The BIOSANE T 218 can replace HCFCs, HFCs, HFE solvents and chlorinated solvents or hydrocarbons.


The range of BIOSANE T 218 :


T 218 : Washing
T 218 TB : Cleaning - Degreasing of precision
T 218 DFX : Removal of Rosin flow
T 218 XF : Degreasing (including in mechanics)